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Best Gas Weed Eater 2019

I never understood why batteries cost so much when bought separately. User-Friendly Design – Straight shaft design makes it easier to reach around shrubs and vegetation. Quick-change head allows you to convert from 3T blade to line trimmer head in seconds. STIHL has a reputation for being a top-quality manufacturer of outdoor power equipment and it’s a reputation that’s well earned. Their products are first class and this applies to their line of string trimmers as well.

The CG23ECPSL is one of the most efficient and easy to use a string trimmer. It has so many features that it can start its work quickly with minimum effort. At first glance, you will love these types of weed whackers as it doesn’t come with a cord. Generally speaking, the gas models are a bit more expensive than the electric ones.

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Turning off the gas string trimmer is polite as well as safer. Getting more line while you are trimming has never been simpler. For the top all-around gas weed eater, you have gas grass trimmer reviews to try the Husqvarna 128LD. The first essential feature is that a gas string trimmer uses gas to run. You will need to make this combination with the right proportions.

Considering price point, power, size, and weight, these top picks represent your best options on the market today. Trimmers with curved shafts are usually shorter, lighter, and cheaper. Straight shafts are longer, so they can reach a wider radius, and these trimmers typically produce more torque.

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We also love the telescopic shaft that makes it easy to adjust the head as well as remaining in a comfortable working position. The compact size allows you to trim tight spaces where it would be otherwise impossible to get into while using other models. We also love the telescoping shaft that makes it easy for the user to adjust the length of the tool for an optimum cutting position.

  • So, if you have a large area to cover with a thick growth of grass or weeds, you need a strong and reliable gas model like this Husqvarna trimmer.
  • For all the seven models I have selected and used so far, I have included details about their engine capacity, functionality, and competitive features.
  • The dual-line heads – With dual-line heads, your trimmer will work faster, cutting twice with each revolution.
  • Even though it is not a cordless trimmer, it still allows you the same level of maneuverability.
  • You can expect to pay a bit more for more CCs, but the motor will cut through thicker grass, weeds and even brush.
  • Whatever the reason is that you need a string trimmer that can handle a lot of hard work the FS 240 from STIHL has you covered.
  • The biggest hindrance to this trimmer is weight and ergonomics.
  • If you are looking for a lightweight machine, you should not have a hard time finding an electric weed eater that weighs less than 7 pounds.
  • Now that we’ve reached the end of our list, we would like to finish off with the HUYOSEN 38.9 cc Grass Cutter Trimmer.

The cordless feature allows you to take it wherever you need to get rid of the weed. There’re so many different types of string trimmer available in the market. To help you find the best electric string trimmer, I’ve done extensive research. The head of the tool has a nylon cord that spins at high speeds to cut through grass and weeds. These cords vary in thickness depending on the toughness of the weeds. Overall, if you have a large, overgrown garden with even the toughest weeds, the Earthquake commercial weed wacker is the tool for the job.

Black+decker 40v Max String Trimmer

Most well-known weed eater brands often come with an impressive warranty that makes them an ideal option to buy. Sometimes brands also offer an extended warranty, and if that is the case, you should, however, not look back. It is vital to ensure that after-sales and other services are also reliable and trustworthy. You will also have access to power command in the sweeper that controls speed for maximum power or maximum run time. This trimmer works on an auto-feed system with no requirement of bumping at all.

Forgetting this could result in substantial damage to your trimmer. This system makes it easy to start up, so you won’t waste your energy getting the machine started and can concentrate on getting your lawn trimmed and edged. This becomes important when you have a lot of space to cover or odd shaped areas in your yard. The cutting swath of gas string trimmers can be as small as a 10-inch radius, but there are models such as the Craftsman WS205 that has a 17-inch radius. The choice of engine in your string trimmer needs to be carefully considered.

The weight savings don’t cost you much in terms of cutting power, and we were impressed with how capable this 13” trimmer is in the field. Adding a shoulder strap helps, since your arms aren’t carrying all the weight anymore. Since the shaft of this tool is too thick for a “universal” strap bracket, we had to improvise an attachment point; it’s not pretty, but it works. If you’re shorter in stature, the adjustable-length shaft is very easy to set at exactly the right length for good posture and easy work. Probably the biggest disappointment of this machine is the length of the shaft and the difficulty of attaching a standard shoulder strap bracket. If you’re much taller than six feet, you might be annoyed by how far you need to stretch your arms to reach the ground with the optimal cutting angle.

gas grass trimmer reviews

The larger your lawn, the more powerful trimmer you should buy. If your property is less than an acre, a light-duty less powerful electric trimmer will work perfectly for you. On the other hand, if you have a property larger than two acres, then a professional or heavy-duty machine will make things more comfortable to deal with. Furthermore, these tools can often accept different attachments, making them multi-purpose gardening implements.

When you shop, everything you need for a beautiful lawn and garden is just a click away. Buy online now and save on delivery when you choose to have it shipped free to your nearest True Value store. Having more than one EGO product allows you to always have one charging while you’re using a tool.

More than that, the 2-stroke engine is known for its high torque created at high RPM, while the 4-stroke engine creates higher torque at a lower RPM. With all that being said, all you have to do is to read more reviews, compare the models and choose the one that meets your requirements. The dual-line heads – With dual-line heads, your trimmer will work faster, cutting twice with each revolution. My team and I have put together a comprehensive series of reviews and guides to help you create the perfect garden.

The 129C weed wacker comes with a 27cc engine and a curved shaft. It also comes with the Smart Start® feature so you know it’ll be real easy to start. Ok lets now take a look at the gas weed eater which in my opinion is the best of the three options. Remember up above I said that beware you get what you pay for? Husqvarna Trimmers are the best and if you buy one you may even end up actually wanting to do yard work well maybe.

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The 9 Best Weed Whackers to Keep Your Lawn in Tip-Top Shape, According to Reviews.

Posted: Thu, 25 Feb 2021 08:00:00 GMT [source]

While the battery power is good, there are better battery-powered options for larger areas, like the RYOBI RY40204A. But, also note that even when you get the best weed eater you still need to use it correctly and maintain it to get the best service from the power tool. There are always some brands that will stand out for the manufacture of any power tool and the 4-cycle weed eater are not an exception. For the length, the longer the better as it will provide more reach. When it comes to the material you should never settle for anything less than top-notch quality metal as you will want something that can last for the life of the weed eater. However, finding your perfect string trimmer should be pretty easy if you consider the following vital elements.

The momiloeUS String Trimmer has an ergonomic and anti-slip u-shaped handle. However, this product might be a little loud for some people. No matter what type or height of grass you have in your yard, the momiloeUS String Trimmer will cut it.

If you’re worried about ease of use, a curved shaft is the way to go. However, if power is more important, a straight shaft is your better option. One of the first things you’ll want to look at when choosing a gas string trimmer is the power of the motor.

best Value Gas Trimmer:  Remington Rm2560

So there you have it take your time to check them out and see which one is right for you. It has the weakest engine in the Husqvarna gas trimmer category. The tool comes with a 10 inch saw blade, so you can equip that if you feel the need to or you believe that the blade will be of greater use for a certain task. I’ve worked in the lawn care business for many years and know the importance of good equipment when it comes to producing high-quality work.

To move the trimmer around with ease and handle it comfortably for a longer duration, it comes with full assist handle. Make sure when buying the after-market string, pick the one which is smooth and flexible as it makes it easier to spool. If you go this route, it will save you the money, and the auto-feed still works fine. Moreover, compared to other batteries, the 20V MAX Lithium-Ion battery provides 33% more capacity.

With its straight shaft, 22cc motor, and 18-inch cut radius, there’s a lot to like about the Ryobi RY253SS Straight Shaft Weed Trimmer. This trimmer gets into difficult-to-reach locations and is easy enough to lug around the yard because it isn’t overly bulky. You might find it challenging to start the unit for the first time, however, because the motor doesn’t respond well when cold. The Craftsman WS235 Straight Shaft Gas Powered Brush Cutter and String Trimmer has a lot going for it because of its wide cutting path and robust motor. You won’t struggle to cut through anything with this product, assuming you can figure out how to change the head between string trimmer and brush cutter. If you want a highly efficient trimmer that can also handle your large yard, the gas-powered weed eater is the best option.

gas grass trimmer reviews

Another powerful model that will surely attract your attention is the Hitachi CG23ECPSL gas trimmer. This 22.5 CC two-stroke engine delivers great power and performance expected from high-top grass trimmers. fuel tank capacity and a long 69.6” overall length for better control.


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